Rental Rate

Number. Canopy/ Equipment Rental (RM)

Serakai Mas Plaza Rental

Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

RM 1.50/Foot

    Hall Rental

RM 150.00/Day

4. Football Field Rental

RM 30.00/ match

5. Bunting

RM 0.50/ day

6. Banner

RM 5.00/day

7. Pyramid Canopy 20’x20’

RM 100.00

8. Coloured Canopy 20’x15’

RM 60.00

9. Round table

RM 5.00/Unit

10. Square Table

RM 5.00/Unit

11. Coffee Table RM 5.00/Unit
12. Settee (rattan)

RM 50.00/Unit

13. Banquet Seat

RM 3.00/Unit

14. Plastic Seat

RM 0.50/Unit

15. Rostrum

RM 50.00/Unit

16. 2’Platform

RM 20.00/Unit

17. 4’Platform

RM 20.00/Unit


How to Apply:

Application must be made at least 3 days prior and payment must be settled in full before delivery or services are rendered.

All applications must be addressed to;-

Pasir Mas District Council,
17000 Pasir Mas,