Cultivating the use of ICT in administration and services with the latest technology for more efficient and effective.


Implement and improve the use of ICT in the Local Authority.

Functions and Roles

1. Monitor and maintain computer hardware, computer software and computer servers.

  • Make sure the computer hardware and computer software can function as intended.
  • Doing the repair process when hardware or software problems.
  • Monitoring equipment and system usability.
  • Ensuring network (networking) can work properly.

2. Providing equipment and computer facilities during the meetings, briefings or seminars.

3. Analyze, build, implementation and maintenance of information systems function.

  • ePBT
  • MyID
  • Portals and Websites
  • Email
  • eAduan
  • Accounting System, Licensing, Compound, Results, Quotes Miscellaneous and Ratings
  • OSC online
  • PFI
  • Ermis
  • Printing system