• Firman Allah: Meaning: " It is compulsory upon us to communicate the instructions of Allah clearly" (Surah Yasin Verse 17)


  • We strive to boost innovation and the sense of ownership among staff to ultimately boost the image of the Pasir Mas District Council
  • Sabda Rasullah S.A.W:
    Meaning:  " Each of you are leaders and responsible for your own free will.


Quality Tele-Services

  • To ensure you get to speak to the correct person in charge, quickly and efficiently.


  • Letters distributed timely and efficiently, always utilizing the Acceptance Certification Card.

Hall, field and equipment rental

  • We promise to expediently carry out all responsibilities after your correctly filled out application is
  • For quick and hassle-free service, you are required to:
  • Fill in application form clearly and correctly
  • Promptly make payment
  • State issues faced, if any.