Main function

  • Improving the revenue income of the Council general assessment tax and contribution rates (Section 127 and 163) Act 171 (1976).
  • Distribute the burden on taxpayers to a reasonable and affordable level.
  • And strive to improve the standard and quality of work to provide better services to achieve the objectives of the Council.
  • Provides a list of values ​​for all types of property for tax purposes the general assessment.
  • Assessment and preparation of the valuation list of all buildings owned by the federal government, states, and statutory bodies to enter Carum help content.
  • Prepare, examine and verify reports of collapsed houses, burnt, to withdraw from the valuation list.
  • Write a statement in the Government Gazette for the exercise of the powers conferred under Section 127 of the Local Government Act 1976
  • Managing the placement of the numbers of houses and shops in the Council area.
  • Update records through revaluation was conducted.


  • To achieve zero backlog rent / tax.
  • Achieve maximum satisfaction service rendered to the community / tenant.